• Pedestal Systems

    Pedestal Systems are now available. Coming in at a tiny 30 inches wide by 17.5 inches deep our Pedestal Systems pack the power of our full upright MAME Arcade systems. Play every arcade game from golden tee through to Asteroids and EVERY Nintendo, SNES, N64, Intellivision, Atari, and Daphne (laserdisk games like dragons lair) and more all with HDMI out to any TV or display ANYWHERE! Our Pedestal Systems are flying out the door and can be customized any way you wish. Get yours today! Read More
  • Slim Arcades

    Our Totally! Arcade© SLIM system was designed to fill the void in the industry for waiting rooms in Doctors and Dentist offices as well as Automotive Repair, Laundry Mats, Corporate Offices or Break Rooms, Vehicle Showrooms, Pizza Shops, Burger Joints and much, much more! Traditionally the only way to have an arcade in your waiting or break rooms was to purchase a second hand used system that plays only one game. Those days are no more replaced by arcade games that take up zero footprint! Read More
  • Pinball Tables

    Imagine one custom pinball table that can play hundreds of tables like Tron, Iron Man, Avatar, Family Guy, Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, Funhouse, Back to the Future and many more? No longer do you have to imagine. The future is here! This is our Digital Pinball table based on a standard Williams Cabinet. We offer a wide variety of units in different sizes from retrofitted originals to new Williams Wide Body Cabs sporting a larger playfield. Pinball TableWe utilize real coin doors, lockdown bars, siderails and Quality Pinball Glass in backbox and playfield surfaces. Read More
  • Custom Games

    We create the Finest in furniture grade Custom Arcade Gaming Systems! Hand Built to Order in Phoenix Arizona. We SHIP ANYWHERE in the USA and Canada with the Finest Technology, Quality Materials and Ease of USE. Each of our MAME systems is a handmade work of art! We work with you to determine not only your gaming needs, but also finishing details like no one else. Imagine 7000+ games on one 24” deep completely customized cabinet? You no longer have to imagine. Read More
  • Game Restorations

    Our restoration services can make your game like brand new. We provide original or new production parts for most machines as well such as Marquees, Bezels, Control Panels, Coin Doors, T- Molding (plastic molding on sides) prices vary on machine type, year, and production status. From custom painted and stenciled originals through to complete rebuilding of cabinets. We go the additional mile to make your restoration project special. Read More
  • Game Room Design

    We have been designing and developing game rooms, man caves, and recreation centers for over 6 years. Our professionals are experienced in every aspect of entertainment and design. We can work independently or with your interior designer to develop the room of your DREAMS. Specialists in meeting your individual game room needs like: Small Spaces, Video/Film Review Spaces, Home Theater, Specific Game Types, Multi-Use, Full Arcade Styles, Retro Designs, Break Rooms, and more. Read More
  • Keep It Clean

    A large portion of Arcade Game Problems stem from simple maintenance. Heat is your machines enemy and dust and dirt inside that settles on the components are a big problem. When dirt and dust buildup on the circuit boards and other electronics it acts as a blanket insulating those components. This in turns shortens their useful lifespan. Read More
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Service and Support

Boots on the Ground Support!

While we don’t anticipate problems with any of our products, we realize that on occasion there is need to have technical help onsite. Phoenix Arcade is the only firm that offers onsite direct technician support throughout the entire U.S. and Canada. If in the event our first tier support cannot solve your issue, a local technician can be dispatched to handle warranty and service events.

You're Protected!You're Protected!

Phoenix Arcade Repair, LLC carries 2 Million Dollars in Liability Insurance to Protect our clients.